The Witch Hunt

The hunt has begun They are chasing me judgmental looks on their faces disgust filling their minds convinced that I should be persecuted just because I have listened to my heart They want to imprison me planning to mold me into one of them wanting to erase my memories just because I have followed my... Continue Reading →


A fiend in love

  I am the center not of the universe but of all your problems I am the wind that fuel wild fires in your life no amount of water no vast cleared spaces can suppress the all-consuming and combustible fires I cause I am the eye of the tornado which violently rotates your well-organized life making a... Continue Reading →

The Cursed Sanctuary

You gathered me into your arms held me close to your heart whispering in my ears that you will take care of me forever all the while you were slowly inching towards the edge When I opened my eyes I was between you and the empty space off the edge you gave me a cold... Continue Reading →

The Virtuous; an illusion

She is a self-declared saint claims she has no remorse yet she spends her days writing lists of the handful of good deeds she has ever done She claims to have a heart filled of pureness yet she spends her days trying to prove that she is above the rest of us She claims she is... Continue Reading →

Fallen greatness

We were great, we were legends we made history we had everything, material and immaterial then we forgot how we became legends we forgot how we made history we forgot that we made it together I thought I did more than you you thought it was you we didn't realize it was a partnership ego... Continue Reading →

I am your ruin

My feet light as a cat’s I tiptoed in to your life fascinated by all you have endured mesmerized by the depth of your character captivated by the boundlessness of your heart I stayed in your life I was the cool breeze you have been looking for your whole life I was your strength when... Continue Reading →

Stranger at the River Bank

I wanted to be alone and myself needed to gather the scattered thoughts and to escape the gloomy spell of social norms casted upon me So I took a walk to the river bank where no one else went Where no else but I thought the river looked beautiful There he was watching the water... Continue Reading →

After the Silence

After the deafening silence spanning several years You appeared out of nowhere and invited me to fly with you to find a heaven of our own as usual you didn’t listen so you didn’t understand I am not the person that you loved and left I'm not who I used to be Make yourself see!... Continue Reading →

The Witch

I was waiting for an angel a perfect life partner fair of skin fairer of heart At the time of summer she would be soothing and calm as a lake and serene and breath taking as a full moon I would have done anything and everything for her Then she came A storm in the... Continue Reading →

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